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This self-guided PCS Prep Program is designed to give you the tools you need to pass the test, gain expertise, and advance your career — all while earning CEUs.

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Our PCS Prep Program provides all of the tools you'll need to pass the board specialization test, develop your clinical skill set, and elevate your career - all while earning CEUs. With advanced certification, you'll set yourself apart as a distinguished professional equipped to provide an advanced level of care.

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In this program you will study advanced topics taught by the best instructors in pediatric therapy. With over 300 practice questions, this 16-week program will have you well-prepared for success on test day.


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Study advanced topics taught by the top instructors in pediatric therapy.


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Analyze your strengths & weaknesses with scores for practice areas.


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Customize the program to meet your needs. Study in groups or on your own.


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Prepare for the test and earn CEUs—all included in the annual subscription.

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Track Your Strength

The PCS Prep Program is based on practice areas in alignment with the Pediatric Description of Specialty Practice. Over 300 test questions are mapped to the DSP so participants can track their strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the exam.

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Practice Exam

Case Excerpt:

A 5-month old infant male, twin A of a 30-week gestation pregnancy, is referred to outpatient physical therapy secondary to complications resulting from torticollis and plagiocephaly. Post- birth hospital course included a 5-week neonatal intensive care unit stay requiring oxygen by nasal cannula for support for 3 days. MRI and ultrasound studies were unremarkable. His 20-year-old single mother reports that he is not as active during the day as his twin sister is, does not turn his head to the right side and cries when placed in the prone position on the floor. This mother has noticed a flat spot on the left side of his head. she reports that he spend the majority of his day seated in his infant seat. He is cared for by a babysitter while his mother works.


Which of the following developmental tests would be the most appropriate for the physical therapist use in determining the potential outcomes for this infant?

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  • Advanced Courses

    Choose from over 55+ online, video-based courses taught by the experts

  • Practice Questions

    Study with over 300 practice questions and recommended journal articles

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    Prepare on your own or with others sitting for the exam

  • Structured Program

    Improve your expertise with this 16-week program designed specifically for the PCS exam

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