We Are MedBridge

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients and medical providers while raising the quality of healthcare globally by creating the most impactful educational content on an innovative learning platform.

Our Values


We care deeply about improving patient care, while never losing sight of the patient or the clinician. We strive to bring innovation and inspiration to the industry. We love what we do and enjoy seeing what others accomplish through our products.


We believe in our team, and are dedicated to hiring and partnering with the best. We demand excellence because the quality of our work impacts the quality of people’s lives. We constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways to learn and grow.


We seek and welcome feedback from colleagues, clinicians, and patients, focusing on outcomes not egos. We know that working together and supporting each other results in greater success than an independent attitude.


We do more with less, understanding that constraints drive innovation. We continuously improve upon what we do and how we do it, simplifying and eliminating defects so we can increase our impact. We optimize for the long-term, not tomorrow’s results.

The Road We've Traveled

We started from the bottom – now we're here

  1. Oct 2011

    MedBridge opens for business

    The MedBridge website launches to provide video-based continuing education courses for physical therapists. With a passion for impactful online education, our team developed MedBridge to provide clinicians access to the industry's leading educators and to help further improve the lives of patients.

  2. Aug 2012

    MedBridge goes enterprise

    MedBridge launches its subscription service and partners with Olympic Physical Therapy to provide an enterprise solution to help improve quality of care.

  3. Sep 2014

    MedBridge gets a studio

    MedBridge signs a lease on our very own studio and begins work to build a premier filming studio in the Northwest.

  4. Nov 2015

    MedBridge reaches 500

    MedBridge films its 500th course across PT, OT, SLP, and AT.

  5. Nov 2015

    MedBridge goes mobile

    MedBridge launches its first mobile app to enhance accessibility of our education. More apps to come!

  6. May 2016

    MedBridge improves outcomes

    MedBridge launches our FOTO integration partnership to help organizations track and improve outcomes.


Our Accomplishments

We’re proud of what we've accomplished so far and don’t plan on slowing down

Team members
Courses filmed
Exercises and patient education videos
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4 million
Patients using MedBridge

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