Improve outcomes. Engage patients.
Reduce costs.

Improve Outcomes

In the changing healthcare environment, quality of outcomes has become more important than ever before. At MedBridge, we believe education is the most powerful way to improve patient outcomes. Our platform provides the tools and reporting insight to enhance patient care and make immediate, data-driven decisions to continually improve outcomes - all in one solution.

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Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction directly impacts reimbursement rates and the marketability of your organization. Our patient education and home exercise programs keep your patients informed and engaged in the rehabilitation process, speeding recovery times and increasing patient satisfaction.

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Increase Profitability

We partner with healthcare organizations to provide the tools you need to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient engagement, and increase employee satisfaction to directly impact profitability. MedBridge is an all-in-one solution for continuing education, patient education, and home exercise programs on a powerful, cost-effective platform.

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Thousands of Organizations Improve Lives With MedBridge

Grant R. Koster, PT, ATC, FACHE

“MedBridge has created a cost-effective and quality platform that is the future of online education.”

Grant R. Koster, PT, ATC, FACHE,
Vice President of Clinical Operations, Athletico Physical Therapy

Amy Lee, MPT, OCS

“Our clinic could not be happier with MedBridge. We use it as an integral part of our in-house mentorship program to help our clinicians improve their skills and streamline the on-boarding process for young therapists.”

Amy Lee, MPT, OCS,
Physical Therapy Central

Zach Steele, PT, DPT, OCS

“The Knowledge Track feature (LMS) has become an integral piece of our employee development process and allows for improved standardization of our therapists’ core competencies.”

Zach Steele, PT, DPT, OCS,
Outpatient Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services Care

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