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This self-guided CRRN® Prep Program is designed to give you the tools you need to pass the test, gain expertise, and advance your career — all while earning CEUs.

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Our CRRN® Prep Program provides all of the tools you'll need to pass the CRRN® examination, develop your clinical skill set, and elevate your career - all while earning CEUs. With a CRRN® credential, you'll set yourself apart as a specialized and committed rehabilitation nurse, equipped to provide an advanced level of care.

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This self-guided, comprehensive program includes 28 courses, recommended readings, and 300 practice questions divided into four simulated exams to help you prepare for success on test day.


Learn from the Best

Study rehabilitation nursing topics taught by experts in their specialities.


Identify Strengths

Analyze your strengths & weaknesses with scores for practice areas.


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Customize the program to meet your needs. Study in groups or on your own.


Advance Your Career

Prepare for the test and earn CEUs—all included in the annual subscription.

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Track Your Strength

The CRRN® Prep Program aligns with the major practice areas of rehabilitation nursing and the latest rehabilitation nursing certification exam outline provided by the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. With 300 practice test questions and four exam simulations, participants can easily track their strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the exam.

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See your strength in the 16 exam categories! Begin the CRRN® Prep Program today.

Practice Exam

Case Excerpt:

John Lewis is a 29-year-old male, newly admitted to the rehabilitation unit for a T-1 complete spinal cord injury. Before his injury, he practiced as a lawyer. Injured during a skiing accident, he is now depressed and anxious. He is not married, and his parents are deceased. He has one sibling who lives in another state. Mr. Lewis complains to the nurse that he has a severe headache.


Which of the following should the nurse do first in response to Mr. Lewis’s complaint of headache?

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What's Included in the Program

  • Specialized Courses

    Choose from over 28 online, video-based courses taught by the experts

  • Practice Questions

    Study with over 300 practice questions and recommended readings

  • Group Study

    Prepare on your own or with others sitting for the exam

  • Simulated Exams

    Thoroughly prepare with four simulated exams

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