Pelvic Floor: The Functional Approach

presented by Gary Gray

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There are only a few constants in life, one of these constants being that we are chronologically getting older as we are blessed with the joy of living life. One of our goals is to physiologically stay as youthful as possible. In this issue of the Functional Video Digest Series, Gary Gray invites one of his associates, Tony Garrison, to take a functionally unique look at the pelvic floor. The primary concern that Gary addresses, evaluates, and discusses how to rehabilitate, is figuring out what causes the pelvic floor to be turned off. This issue reveals the dependence of all bodily functions on the pelvic floor and provides the strategies and techniques needed in order to keep us, and all those we are fortunate to teach and train, as physiologically young as possible. This enlightening issue of the Functional Video Digest Series is thoroughly informational for all.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Gary Gray, PT

    Gary Gray PT is the originator and developer of many nationally acclaimed educational programs, including the “Chain Reaction” series of seminars. He is the recipient of the prestigious 2002 John Maley Award which recognizes an individual for innovation in physical therapy. Referred to as “Father of Function” and the leading pioneer and authority in rehabilitation and training, Gary is a respected physical therapist, trainer, educator, author, coach and successful inventor. He has transformed his functional and biomechanical understanding of the body into the most effective performance-enhancement, injury prevention, and rehabilitative applications. Gary’s passion for education and sharing, along with his innovation and desire, allows him to translate the complexities of human function into simple and effective techniques. Gary’s goal is to enhance the lives of professionals and the lives of those they treat and train.

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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  1. The Pelvic Floor Functional Understanding

    1. The Pelvic Floor Functional Understanding

    Realize our previous misconceptions of function throughout the body. Appreciate the normal development of the pelvic floor. Understand the comprehensive Chain Reaction of the pelvic floor.

  2. The Pelvic Floor Functional Analysis Rehab

    2. The Pelvic Floor Functional Analysis Rehab

    Compare the traditional strategy of treatment of the pelvic floor with a functional model. Analyze for specific causes and compensations that lead to pelvic floor dysfunction . Take advantage of all physiological and natural drivers to facilitate tri-plane loading of the pelvic floor.

  3. The Pelvic Floor Functional Training Transformation

    3. The Pelvic Floor Functional Training Transformation

    Create effective training and conditioning programs for performance and prevention with regard to the pelvic floor. Transform understanding of the function of the pelvic floor in order to enhance all forms of function. Have the same blend functionally to enhance our functional opportunity.