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Attacking the Literature: From Journal to Bedside

presented by Michael Dickey

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Financial: Mike Dickey receives a honorarium from MedBridge for this course. He has no financial interest beyond the production of this course. 

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Satisfactory completion requirements: All disciplines must complete learning assessments to be awarded credit, no minimum score required unless otherwise specified within the course.

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How can clinicians apply the latest research to their everyday practice with clients? This course, with Dr. Michael Dickey, provides examples of strategies every clinician can use to find and apply current evidence in everyday practice. Dr. Dickey introduces three specific case examples, and demonstrates methods for finding relevant research that can be directly applied to each case. The first case covers a common scenario: aphasia treatment. The second case examines applicable evidence for a case involving swallowing treatment, and the third case explores the complicate case of a bilingual child. Participants will leave this course armed with specific strategies for finding and applying evidence in clinical practice.

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Dickey, PhD

Michael Walsh Dickey's research centers on sentence comprehension and production in adults, the neural bases of these abilities, and their impairments in aphasia. His research also extends to measurement and prediction of treatment response in aphasia, focusing on psycholinguistically-motivated impairment-level behavioral treatment. In carrying out this work, he has examined complex sentence comprehension (ellipsis, wh-movement…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Case Study 1: Aphasia Treatment

The first chapter of this course follows a case study involving aphasia treatment. Dr. Dickey describes how to access the ANCDS treatment tables, and shows participants how to locate relevant treatment articles given this specific case.

2. Case Study 2: Swallowing Treatment

The second chapter of this course follows a dysphagia treatment case. Dr. Dickey shows the participant how to access ASHA evidence-based treatment tables, and how to strategize in choosing treatment evidence (levels of evidence) in the case described.

3. Case Study 3: Bilingual Child

The final case study of this course describes the case of a bilingual child. Dr. Dickey describes resources for working with clients of diverse backgrounds, and explores strategies for working with clients and populations for whom standardized assessment and treatment resources are not available.

4. Q&A

Dr. Dickey discusses the cases above with a panel of practicing SLPs, and expands the conversation around applying literature to their experiences.

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