Susan Whitney, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA

Susan Whitney, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA

Instructor Bio:
Susan L. Whitney, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA received her PhD in motor development/motor learning from the University of Pittsburgh, her professional physical therapy education from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and her DPT from MGH Institute of the Health Sciences.

Currently, she is a professor in physical therapy in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She is the Program Director of the Centers for Rehab Services (CRS) Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Whitney has authored or co-authored over 90 articles on Medline, most of which relate to vestibular rehabilitation. She has also co-authored a book related to dizziness and balance disorders.

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