Dedee Culley, RN

Dedee Culley, RN

Instructor Bio:
Dedee Culley is a registered nurse with over 18 years’ experience, of which the last 10+ have been specifically in the home health and hospice areas. She has been a field nurse, Case Manager, Educator and Director of Operations in agencies. She has also served as a Clinical Expert Analyst for a software vendor designing and developing EHR’s for home health and hospice and been involved in numerous EHR implementation/transitions. In addition, she is a Legal Nurse Consultant, COS-C and holds a certificate for Project Management. She has now applied her experience and knowledge to provide education and consulting services to agencies across the country to enable them to experience optimal EHR transitions and avoid pitfalls.

She is married with four children, three grandchildren, and loves to ride motorcycles and travel with her husband and family. She serves her community in organizations focused on feeding the homeless and those dealing with gynecological cancer.

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